Opening Ceremonies: President Jo Cooper called the meeting to order.  Invocation by Larry Fernald and we said the Pledge of Allegiance.
Greeter: Carol Jordan
Well Wisher: Irv Hodgkin
Sargent at Arms: Julie and Tony Bouchard
Visiting Rotarians: Tina Chapman
Guests: Tina Chapman and Roger Phelps
Wedding Anniversaries: Larry Fernald – 9/19/19 – 47 years
Brief Moment: Provided by Scott Kimball regarding the Fire Fighter in Falmouth who lost his life during the week in a propane explosion. Scott provided us a recommendation that if you smell a Sulphur Aroma, it could be propane, call your gas company and do not turn your lights off or it could create a spark. 
Vocational Minute: Gene Pellerano – His vocation is a Buyer and Manager at Rooster Brothers.   He finds the Rotary 4 - way test is best represented in his profession with test number 1 – Is it the Truth?  When working with vendors his reputation of being honest is the key to allow the other three tests to be met.  It always starts with the truth.
Door Prizes: Julie Bouchard, Carl Lusby, Lincoln Ehrlenbach,, Jane Langley, Laura Pellerano, Larry Fernald
 50/50: $16 was won by Irv Hodgkin who donated $10.00 to the cause. 
Happy Dollars Highlights: Carl Lusby, Jackie Sinclair, Irv Hodgkin,  Jack Frost, Rod Fox, Gene Pellerano, Laurie Fogelman.
Rotary Business:
  1. Paul Harris Award+1 was awarded to Jo Cooper
  2. Ruth from Downeast Wellness brought a banner from the Monterey Rotary Club
  3. International Meeting was held prior to the Main Meeting – with Brand new thoughts on raising money for our International Causes.  Photo Shoot, and a Walk were among those ideas.
  4.  Jody requested that people sign up to be greeters and well-wishers.
  5.  Community Service/Upcoming Events:
            September 23 – Window Dressers
            September 24 – Social Evening
            September 28 – Pancake Breakfast – Friday Set-up at 3pm
            October 5 – Friends in Action Dinner Auction
            October 15 – Rotary Blood Drive
            October 24 – World Polio Day
Program/Speaker: Waterville Rotary Club discussed their Haiti sustainable community development projects.
Laurie Fogelman introduced Tina Chapman from the Waterville Club who brought Roger Phelps to speak on their Global Project – School of Social Justice in Haiti. The project started about 4 years ago by bringing faculty and volunteers to train young people in various skills of social work.  The Schools Mission is to be a resource to help provide the education to students to attain their degrees.  It is a small campus with 18-25 students and is affiliated with the Episcopal Church.
He talked of their campus and how this program provides a foundation for the young women in the community to empower them in their vocations. Their role is merely to be a resource so these students can help their own people. They have joint programs with many American Universities and are trying to raise funds for a Library and other learning platforms for the students.  They have currently raised $4,000 from the Waterville Rotary and are hoping to reach their goal of $10,000 and apply for a grant from the Rotary Foundation. It was a very interesting overview of their work and we wish them success.   
Respectfully submitted by Tricia Quirk