Max is “from away,” having been born and raised in Pennsylvania. He began visiting the Pine Tree State in the 1980s, when he courted and wed local author Wendie Winslow. Max and Wendie have an adult daughter who lives and works in Portland (our Portland, not the one in Oregon).
Max spent his professional career in New York City and San Francisco, working in corporate communications and user experience design. He and Wendie winterized their camp in Trenton and became full time residents in 2019. Retired from full-time work, he maintains a consulting relationship with a few clients in health care and finance.
Max was introduced to Rotary in Rome (the one in Italy, not upstate New York) during the pre-pandemic winter, when a friend extended an invite to an event there. From there, it was a short step to finding the Ellsworth club – which has been a great avenue into the community as well as to fantastic service opportunities.
Here in the Trenton-Ellsworth metroplex, Max has been volunteering with NextStep, Loaves & Fishes and of course the Red Cross; his past volunteer activities centered on tutoring kids in underserved and refugee communities.
Max enjoys the outdoors, camping, kayaking and yoga. A guitarist who also dabbles in banjo and mandolin, he is the veteran of many bar bands in New York and California.
Max has a BA and an MA from Columbia University, as well as the Cambridge University certification to teach English as a second language.