Jody Wolford-Tucker, who is the Executive Director of Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County was our guest speaker this week.
Opening Ceremonies: President Jo Cooper called the meeting to order.  Invocation by Ruth Moore,  we said the Pledge of Allegiance.
Greeter: Carl Lusby
Sargent at Arms: Julie and Tony Bouchard
Visiting Rotarians: Jody Wolford-Tucker
Guests: Gracie Cushing, Melody Pereira-(Corporate Fernalds), Cheryl Keep - (PM Pam Cushing), Butch Moore, John Shoppe, Rhonda Parker-(PM Tracy Shaffer), Jim Bradley(Hospice Treasurer)
Club Anniversaries: Ken Hewitt 1 year. March 12th
Door Prizes: Jody Wolford-Tucker-money jar, Julie Bouchard-wine, Ken Hewitt-pancake maker, Cheryl Keep-candy, Carl Lusby-baking pan, Laura Pellerano-pot holder, Scott Kimball-pot holder, Melody Pereira-tee shirt
50/50: John Shoppe
Happy Dollars Highlights: - pack a bag for Panama Wheel Chair trip, John Shoppe-not getting booed as a ref, Carl Lusby-enjoyed invocation, Iris Simon-spoke niece in Kirkland Wa everything is shutdown, Tracy Schaffer- welcome Julie, Jody Wolford-Tucker-delighted to be here with Jim Bradley, shout out to Cheryl Callahan, Gracie- 1st place at cheering competition at DeerIsle and Sumner, ,Jo Cooper-Welcome Jody, Jackie Sinclair, Ken H and Gene for the cause
Rotary Business:
Next Wednesday March 18,  “Welcome to  Ellsworth Event” at the Ellsworth Public Library 4-6 PM we will share a table with noontime club, all members urged to attend and if possible help staff the table. 
Jo Cooper read a nice letter from Kids Peace thanking us for the generous donation of  $1,526 and our great service to Kids peace.
Jo Cooper turned the meeting over to President Elect Laura Pellerano ,
Jack Frost reported Foundation giving on track, $8000 of $10000 goal, 2066 is to Polio Plus. 
Laura reported Auction Prep is continuing, stuffing envelopes next Thursday Afternoon conference room Acadia Reality, Rio catering has proposed a menu, and a site visit next Monday to figure out layout. 
Tracy reported EveryBody Eats has has good Rotarian participation and still a few more hours to go this month.
Laura introduced  Program/Speaker: Jody Wolford-Tucker, who is the Executive Director of Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County.  Jody said they were happy to be Our Auction partner this year, this being the 40 year anniversary of Hospice.  Jody then explained the three area of service and how Hospice is funded.  Several questioned were asked by rotarians and answered by Jody and Jim Bradley.
Laura presented a Ellsworth Rotary Speakers mug to Jody.
It was announced the Price charged us by China Hill for Beverages will increase next week to Drinks $5, Wine $5, Beer $3, Soda $1.
Meeting adjourned at 6:55p.m.
Respectfully submitted by Gene Pellerano