The Rotary Club of Ellsworth is pleased to recognize 5 new Paul Harris Fellows - Jo Cooper, Debra Ehrlenbach, Nancy Mayo, Cookie Patten and Ron King (not pictured).
Opening Ceremonies: President Carl Lusby called the meeting to order. Invocation by Larry Barnes and we said the Pledge of Allegiance.
Greeter: Dan Hurley
President Carl Lusby greeted Paul Harris recipients from the past. He pointed out that it is the 100th anniversary of the Rotary Foundation, and its sole purpose is to do good in the world. Grants of $3 billion have gone to such things as promoting peace, clean water, helping mothers and children, and fighting disease. Rotary has pledged $1.2 billion to finish off polio eradication in the world. The goal is complete eradication by 2020.
Secretary Charlene Churchill introduced past presidents who were present: Jim Patten (1976-77), Ray Williams (1988-89), Cookie Patten (1992-93), Larry Johnston (1993-94), Terry Carlisle (1994-95), Jack Frost  (2008-09), Lincoln Ehrhlenbach (2009-10), Cindy Shoppe (2010-11), Laurie Fogelman (2011-12), Julie Clark (2013-14), Dave Wells (2015-16) and Ashley Johnson (2016-17).  She also introduced District Governor Lincoln Ehrhlenbach  and Assistant District Governor Annette Higgins.
Paul Harris Fellows:
Lincoln Ehrlenbach introduced Debbie Ehrlenbach. She has taught Sunday School, been choir director, Girl Scout leader, on the School Board, hospital trustee, treasurer of Loaves and Fishes, MDI Regional Board of Commerce member and treasurer, treasurer at church, participated in two wheelchair projects, and much more.
Laurie Fogelman introduced Ron King, who has worked on HIV issues, helped start Downeast AIDS Network, spent two winters working at orphanages in Cambodia, and much more. Ron was unable to attend due for health reasons.
Jack Frost introduced Cookie Patten, who has been a past-President of Rotary, and much more.
Dave Wells introduced Nancy Mayo, who was born and raised in Bangor, is on the Board of the Chamber of Commerce, joined Rotary in 2009, has recruited and sponsored new members, participates in every Rotarian Every Year and is reliable and compassionate.
Carl Lusby introduced Jo Cooper, the Executive Director of Friends in Action and said way too many nice things!
The meeting was adjourned and a group phot of all Paul Harris Fellows was taken.
Respectfully submitted by Jo Cooper