For the first hybrid meeting of the year, we had Mary Laury the outgoing executive director of Schoodic Arts for All #ellsworthrotary #peopleofaction #wearerotary #district7790
Opening Ceremonies: President Gene Pellerano called the meeting to order.  
Invocation by read by Bill Casale and we said the Pledge of Allegiance. 
Greeter: Scott Kimball
Guests: John Shoppe, Grace Robinson, Rebecca Greenlaw and Nick Tonti
Birthdays: Ray Williams and Jodie Cushing. Happy Birthday!
Club Anniversaries: Max Diestshe
Door Prizes: Winners were Bob Thomas, John Shoppe, Clyde Cushing and Mary Laury.
50/50: $13 to Nick Tonti
1st Quarter Happy Dollars: This quarter all happy dollars will go towards The Next Step.
The following Rotarians gave Happy Dollars: Allison King, Lincoln Ehrlenbach, Carl Lusby, Rebecca Greenlaw, Scott Kimball, Rhonda Parker, Bill Casale, JoAnn Brown and Laura Pellerano.
Rotary Business:  
  1.  Upcoming Community Service Events:
  • Blue Hill Fair Pie Booth: September 2nd, 3rd and 4th from 5:00pm to 9:00pm. Jodie Cushing will email the sign-up sheet. We also need pies made.  
  • Northern Light Maine Coast Schoodic Scramble: September 10-11,2021 - Please contact JoAnn Brown to help out. An email has been sent out by Jodie Cushing with all the latest information.
  • Autumn Gold Pancake Breakfast – Saturday, September 25th. More information to come and help is needed!
  1. Blood Drive: Max Dietshe thanked everyone for continued help with the Blood Drives. He will send out an email to sign up for future dates. Please help if you can.
  2. Rotary Minute: Ross Baldree
Guest Speaker: Mary Laury, Executive Director of Schoodic Arts for All, has led the cultural and performing arts institution for 20 years. 
In her tenure, Schoodic Arts for All has flourished even during the global coronavirus pandemic.
She is an artist and works in watercolors, silver, and wood, as well as other media that pass her way. A lifelong learner, Mary thinks of a great vacation as one spent at an arts center, standing in front of a wood lathe, or working with a tank of acetylene near her bench. Mary has been engaged in many aspects of the arts sector for years; as a watercolor painter and instructor, a ballroom dance teacher, and a member of several arts organizations around the region. She is an avid vegetable gardener and has 25,000 square feet of land under cultivation.
The mission of Schoodic Arts for All is to bring artists and community members together to provide year-round cultural events and activities that hold value for our community.
Schoodic Arts for All will nurture a vital arts center offering diverse programs and activities that inspire a wide range of enthusiastic participants. We will continue to be a creative and economic magnet, drawing people to live, work, and visit Downeast Maine. Multi-generational involvement in Schoodic Arts for All will develop leaders of the future who carry forward the original dream of honoring and sustaining the vibrant communities of the Schoodic Peninsula.
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 Respectfully submitted by Ashley Johnson