Opening Ceremonies: President Gene Pellerano called the meeting to order.
Greeter: Carl Lusby
Invocation read by Cindy Shoppe and we said the Pledge of Allegiance. 
Visiting Rotarians: Dave and Betty Parsons of South Portland
Guests: Grace Robinson and Irv Hodgkin
Birthdays: Tracy Shaffer on January 1st, Tony Bouchard on January 5th and Gene Pellerano on January 9th.
Wedding Anniversaries: Mary and Bob Thomas on January 2nd, Marian and Dave Wells on January 10th. Congratulations!
Club Anniversaries: Alan Baker 37 Years on January 6th, Cindy Shoppe 19 Years on January 7th, Ashley Johnson 13 Years on January 6th, Becky Sargent 13 Years on January 6th, Arlyn Whitelaw 13 Years on January 6th. Congratulations!
Door Prizes:  The lucky winners were Pam Cushing, Clyde Cushing and Jodie Cushing.
50/50: $9 to Jack Frost
3rd Quarter Happy Dollars: This quarter all happy dollars will go towards the Rotary Scholarship Fund for students at Ellsworth High School and Hancock County Technical Center.    
The following Rotarians gave Happy Dollars: Jack Frost, Laura Pellerano, Dave Wells, Marian Wells, Carl Lusby, Debbie Ehrlenbach, Benedetta Pellerano and Gene Pellerano.
Rotary Business:
Paul Harris Fellow Recognition: Irv Hodgkin and Jodie Cushing both were awarded a Paul Harris Fellow. Congratulations!
50/50 Raffle for Local School Snow Days: $5 per day. All proceeds go to the THAW Fund.
Gifting Experience Update: Jack Frost and Carl Lusby thanked everyone for their support. $3,000 was donated from the community and Club members. 19 families were assisted. Gift cards from Reny’s and Angelo’s Pizza were given out as well.
Haven’s Sweet Rotary Fundraiser Update: Debbie Ehrlenbach thanked everyone for their support. Haven’s Candies donated $1,000 to the club.
The Ellsworth Rotary Foundation: Ashley Johnson reported the Foundation donated $500.00 to the Mayfield, KY Rotary Club to use to help those affected from the tornado that ripped through the town a few weeks ago.
Reminder to pay your dues: You can send in a check or pay online using PayPal at:
Upcoming Community Service Events:
Blood Drive: The Blood Drive is the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month. Max Dietshe thanks everyone for their continued help. Please sign up for January and February!
Make-Ups and Community Service Hours: Jodie Cushing reminded everyone to please let her and Marian Wells know if you do any community service or makeups throughout the week.
Rotary Apparel on Sale: Contact Dave Wells to order any Rotary Hats, Shirts and Sweatshirts!
Guest Speaker: This week’s guest speaker was Lincoln Ehrlenbach. Lincoln provided a presentation about our District Projects and Global Grants. He provided detailed information on what clubs have done in our District over the years for local projects and global grants.
A few Global projects named were Water Sanitation in several countries, Providing Wheelchairs to those affected from Polio, Building Classrooms, Education on Cooking and Farming, Literacy Programs and Safe Passage – an educational support program that makes it possible for 550 children whose parents are pickers on the dump in Guatemala City, to go to school and become the first generation of their families who are gaining literacy. 
Below is a link to our District Website with information on how to apply for a local or global grant and resources:
Gene reminded everyone about Polio Plus and EREY! Please consider making a donation.
Respectfully submitted by Ashley Johnson