On Wednesday March 9th, Members of the Rotary Club of Ellsworth donated four bags of new stuffed animals to Northern Light Pediatric Care at Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital. The stuffed animals were collected as part of a Mardi Gras Celebration at the March 1st Rotary Club of Ellsworth Meeting.
Members in beads, masks and some in costumes enacted a Mardi Gras parade featuring the stuffed animals. The Rotary Club of Ellsworth felt this Mardi Gras stuffed animal parade was both a fun activity for the club and helped a worthy cause.
Vanessa Hawkins at Northern Light Pediatric Care stated the primary idea is to give the stuffed animals to kids who are there for DHHS intake visits. Kids who are scheduled for an exam with them by DHHS are being put into foster care. In addition, they would like to use them for any child seen in the office that needs to be transferred via ambulance.