Opening Ceremonies:  President Debbie Ehrlenbach called the meeting to order.
Invocation was read by:  Tricia Quirk and we all said the Pledge of Allegiance.
Sergeant at Arms:  Jo Cooper & Lincoln Ehrlenbach
Birthdays: Kelly Brown
Wedding Anniversaries: Peter Farragher, Marc Rich and Ashley Johnson celebrated wedding anniversaries this month
Guests:  Jessie Remick, Grace Cushing and Brielle Johnson
Door Prizes: The lucky winners were: Jessie Remick, Cindy Shoppe and Grace Cushing
$50/50: Jessie Remick, who generously donated back to our fundraising this quarter for Healthy Acadia.
Happy Dollars: 1st Quarter Happy Dollars will go towards: Mental Health and Wellness at Healthy Acadia.
The following individuals gave Happy Dollars: Stephanie Baillargeon, Rob Hemenway, Jo Cooper, Debbie Ehrlenbach, Jodie Cushing, Rhonda Parker, Clyde Cushing, Michael Houlsen
President Debbie Ehrlenbach updated us on the District Governor’s visit, and thanked all club members who attended our meetings at The Beacon and Harbor Park.
 Julie Clark announced the 2023 Peanut Butter & Jelly drive, which runs the month of September, sponsored by Bangor Savings Bank. The bank will match every jar of PB&J that the club collects, and the food will be delivered to local organizations and schools to help alleviate food insecurity.
Carol Jordan and April Hartford spoke about the upcoming Autumn Gold Pancake Breakfast. Volunteers are needed and there is a signup sheet available.
Max Dietshe asked club members to help “Fill a Seat” at The Grand on September 15th. The club will collect food and deliver to The Grand. The Grand has a goal of filling all 400 seats with food and cash donations from the community.
Tricia Quirk and Lincoln Ehrlenbach are leading the charge on this year’s Walk for Polio, which will be held on October 21st, departing from Tricia’s office in Downtown Ellsworth at 9:30 AM. There will be a pizza party after at Fogtown Brewing. A sign-up sheet is available and members can contact Tricia to get a T-shirt prior.
Rhonda Parker gave the club an update on the final 2023 Pancake Breakfast proceeds. The club collected approximately $8000 in ticket and scholarship jar sales and donations, with a profit for the club of $2000.
Jo Cooper encouraged club members to send the membership committee a brief bio and photo for our Facebook page as a way of helping to promote the club.
Tricia Quirk received her Paul Harris +1 award! Congratulations!
Guest Speaker:  This week’s guest speaker was Matt Williams, the City Planner for Ellsworth. Matt spoke about the updating of Ellsworth’s comprehensive plan, which will help open up avenues of funding for city projects with input from the public.
Respectfully submitted by Rotarian Julie Clark