Opening Ceremonies: President Elect Scott Kimball called the meeting to order. Laura Pellerano gave the invocation followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Charlene Churchill took notes.
Greeter: Julie Bouchard.
Guests: Pi Collier.
Visiting Rotarians: None.
Make-Ups: Marshall and Terri Smith – La Romana, Dominican Republic, March 30; Marian and Dave Wells and Rod Fox – Bar Harbor Club, March 29.
Club Anniversary: Jo Cooper – April 8, 2014.
Birthdays: Michelle Beal – April 8.
Wedding Anniversaries: None.
Rotary Minute: None this week.
Door Prizes: Rod Fox won an orange Rotary t-shirt, Jack Frost took home a bottle of wine, and Charlene Churchill got a Dunkin Donuts card in Gift Card Grab Bag.
50/50: $13 was won by Pi Collier. She and Peter who donated it back to say how happy they are that Peter is joining Rotary. Our 4th quarter organization will be named by the winning team from the auction!
Happy Dollars Highlights: Happy people this week included Marian and Dave Wells who went to NYC for Gaylyn’s white coat ceremony and took in a show; Jack Frost, Terri and Marshall for their trip to the Dominican Republic and the school that was named after Marshall; Lincoln Ehrlenbach spoke about George Ray who passed away this week; Clyde Cushing, Charlene Churchill, Dan Hurley, Bruce Fischer, Laurie Fogelman, Jo Cooper, and Scott Kimball.
Rotary Business: Membership Chair Marian Wells conducted the ceremony for the induction of Peter Collier as an Associate Member. Peter was introduced by his sponsor, Jack Frost.
Scott Kimball gave an auction update. He indicated that tickets and posters will be available in about ten days after we find about if we will have two major sponsors. He also talked about the baskets that the departments at the hospital are putting together. Jack Frost noted that some of the baskets were at the indoor yard sale on Saturday and that $323 worth of tickets for the basket raffle were sold.
Clyde Cushing reminded everyone about the fundraiser for Aaron and Ashley Johnson on Friday. There is also an auction as part of the event. There are 94 items for the auction including a load of wood and a mattress and box spring.
Jack Frost reminded us that the committee is still accepting suggestions for Paul Harris Fellow nominees for this year.
Program: Our scheduled speaker, Amy Henderson, was ill. Dave Wells stepped in and gave an inspiring presentation with some wonderful photos about the three wheelchair projects that the club has done so far. Lincoln, Marian, and Debbie all spoke about their Rotary moments on the various trips. The club members voted to proceed with a grant application to District 7790 and fundraising to distribute wheelchairs in the Dominican Republic in the winter of 2018.   
Respectfully submitted,
Charlene Churchill