Fred Beyer, Moria O’Neill, Mike Fisher and Jackie Clough were inducted into the club on Tuesday, January 31st! Welcome to the club!
Opening Ceremonies: President Carl Lusby called the meeting to order. The invocation was given by Nancy Mayo and we said the Pledge of Allegiance. The greeter was David Wells.
Visiting Rotarians: Annette Higgins, Bar Harbor
Guests: Allegra Pellerano, Julie Bouchard, David and Patricia Edsall, Guest Speaker Chelsea Libitzki and her mother, Cheryl Libitzki, Paul and MaryAnn Lock. Jackie Clough, Moira O’Neill, Fred Beyer and Mike Fisher were also announced as guests for the final time since all were being inducted into the Rotary Club of Ellsworth later in the meeting. 
Bruce Fisher announced club anniversaries for the following members: Suellen Speed, Pam Cushing, Clyde Cushing, Tracy Shaffer, Andrea Mason, Mark Remick and Charlene Churchill. Bruce also noted Bill Casale is celebrating a birthday; there were no wedding anniversaries to announce.
Door Prizes: were won by the following people: Laura Pellerano won a Rotary Mug with the new logo, Cindy Shoppe won a JAX Calendar, Dave Wells a bottle of Cabernet, Ray Williams a Friends in Action Tote Bag with a bottle of Champagne, and Julie Bouchard a gift certificate to Flexit Café.
50/50 Raffle: was won by Patricia Edsall.
Happy Dollars: Patricia Edsall was happy to wish her husband, Dave, a Happy Birthday. Other Happy Dollars were given by David Edsall, Moira O’Neill, Dave Wells, Ashley Johnson, Tracy Shaffer, Iris Simon, Jo Cooper, Laurie Fogelman, Micki Sumpter, Nancy Mayo, Jackie Clough, Laura Pellerano, Gene Pellerano, Dan Hurley, Larry Johnston, Scott Kimball, Doug Kell and Jack Frost.
Rotary Business: District Governor Elect Lincoln Ehrlenbach spoke about his recent trip to San Diego and how it was tremendous to meet so many Rotarians with common goals. “Rotary Making a Difference” is the theme for this year and “People in Action” is the motto. World Peace is the theme for this year and he stressed it is up to us to start working locally to promote peace.
Marian Wells started the Induction Ceremony by asking Dave Wells, Laurie Fogelman and Nancy Mayo to bring their candidates Fred Beyer, Moria O’Neill, Mike Fisher and Jackie Clough to the front. Bios were read, Laura Pellerano, Micki Sumpter and Marian Wells conducted the induction ceremony and President Carl Lusby presented each new member with their Rotary Membership Packet and Rotary pins.
Program: Chelsea Libitzki was tragically paralyzed by an automobile accident when she was 22 years old but she has fought to be able to live her life on her terms. She described how her perspective of life has changed by the difficulties of not being upright and being confined to a wheelchair, but she is trying to accomplish what she can to continue her life.  She was able to raise money for a stand-up wheelchair which enables her to meet and speak with people face to face, she is continuing her education with on-line courses in Early Childhood Education and working toward a degree. She is currently helping her mother at her dance studio, Libitzki School of Dance, and also helps her aunt at a Montessori School.  She asked Rotary members their thoughts on hiring employees in wheelchairs and many of our members responded with positive comments on their experiences with handicapped employees. She was also encouraged to feel confident during any interview process – know the requirements of the job you are seeking and try to anticipate any situations which might arise and be prepared for any eventuality.
Respectfully submitted by Nancy Mayo